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22 October 2010 @ 08:55 pm
Conrad & Yozak video  

'S been a while...

For some while now there was this video in my head. But. I didn't have any video editing software, so I couldn't make it. However, that changed now and I have this particular trial version.
Well. It's a trial version. However, I am actually satisfied with the video. One nice day, when I'll buy the full version, I might edit it and make the video perfect. But for now, I am satisfied. It's a good video. Go an watch. I'm embedding it  putting the link under the cut.

It's Conrad & Yozak to the song of Pearl Harbour by Faith Hill.  

P.S.: I do not own kkm, it's characters, or the song. I own only those hours, tears and sweat in which I have been working on this to complete it. Credit me at least that much, hm?

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