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American McGee's Alice x 21 [American McGee's Alice Alternate Costumes x 21]
Dead Fantasy x 21
Elfen Lied x 21
Emilie Autumn x 21
Final Fantasy x 21 [Final Fantasy Fan Art x 21]
Kingdom Hearts x 21 [Kingdom Hearts Fan Art x 21]

Kyou Kara Maou x 21

Left 4 Dead x 21
Legend Of Zelda x 21
Parasite Eve x 21
Repo! The Genetic Opera x 21
Sarah Brightman x 21
Sharon Den Adel x 21
Tarja Turunen x 21 [Tarja Turunen's Band x 21]
The World Ends With You x 21
Vibeke Stene x 21


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Conrad & Yozak video


'S been a while...

For some while now there was this video in my head. But. I didn't have any video editing software, so I couldn't make it. However, that changed now and I have this particular trial version.
Well. It's a trial version. However, I am actually satisfied with the video. One nice day, when I'll buy the full version, I might edit it and make the video perfect. But for now, I am satisfied. It's a good video. Go an watch. I'm embedding it  putting the link under the cut.

It's Conrad & Yozak to the song of Pearl Harbour by Faith Hill.  

P.S.: I do not own kkm, it's characters, or the song. I own only those hours, tears and sweat in which I have been working on this to complete it. Credit me at least that much, hm?

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Doujinshi Sale

Hello all, it's been a very very long time since I've posted in any of the Kyo Kara Maoh groups. Seems like forever! But I come baring the fruits of labor from a desperate fangirl to sell her old doujinshi. It seems a shame to part with but because of changes at home I have to sell all of them. see them and info under the cut. Please note it is picture heavy

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K Project

New Collection || Over 600+ Items For Sale

Over 600+ Items For Sale

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Vampire Knight, D.N.Angel & Much more

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Warning Heavy Image in all pages

Thank you & Enjoy