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A community for sharing multimedia related to the anime Kyou Kara Maou.

This community exists as a place to share KKM-based multimedia including episodes, music, icons, colorbars, wallpapers, layouts, banners, scans, screenshots, amvs, mood themes, FSTs, drama cds, ringtones, etc. KKM news, especially regarding the release of official media, is also appropriate and appreciated.
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1. Whether requesting or uploading episodes, music, drama CDs, or video games you MUST community lock the post. KKM is licensed, after all. To do this, you simply change the post from public to members. ^^

2. This community is solely for media. That means fanfiction, fanart, and general discussion do not belong here; they go in the main community or specific character/pairing communities. (See the listing below.)

3. Cross-posting is allowed.

4. If posting a large batch of icons, an image, anything with spoilers, or any non-worksafe content please keep it under an lj-cut.

5. Do not post anything (icons, colorbars, wallpapers, layouts, etc.) using fanart, unless it is your OWN fanart, or you have the expressed consent of the artist.

6. Keep things on topic. If it doesn't deal with Kyou Kara Maou in some way, I don't want to see it. Mentions of another series are fine though.

7. Advertising another KKM community or site is allowed, but no repeated spamming. This doesn't include multi-fandom RPs, challenges, etc. Only KKM-centric advertising.

8. Stay nice and polite. I won't tolerate flaming or rudeness.

9. Repeated failure to comply with these rules could result in banning. Trolling, plagiarism, hate speak and any other grievous offenses may result in an automatic bans with no warnings.

Follow the rules and enjoy the community! :D

In addition to being the KKM home for all things multimedia, we once offered monthly contests to encourage even more multimedia goodness. This feature is currently closed, but you can see the archive here.

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